Udica & SELinux talks on Devconf.cz and Fosdem 2020

Hi All,

January and February are always connected with two great open-source conferences in Europe. First, is Devconf.cz based in Brno Czechia and the second one is Fosdem based in Brussels Belgium. This year, I was lucky and could attend both of them. I’m sure you can find a lot of blogs and reviews from these two conferences, so I’ll mention just my talks and workshop.

On Devconf, I had one talk together with Juan Antonio called ” Custom SELinux container policies in OpenShift“. The talk was about the udica tool and how it could be integrated into OpenShift and how you can avoid running privileged containers in clusters. The talk should be available on Youtube soon. (I’ll paste the link then)

Next event on Devconf.cz was a workshop about writing SELinux security policies from scratch. We got great feedback from attendees and I’m sure you can try this workshop also in future. 😉

The week after, I talked again about the udica on Fosdem. I need to say, I didn’t expect so much interest in Udica and SELinux topic at this conference. The room was full and people looked interested in topic. Slides and video are already available on fosdem webpage.

I saw great talks, met great people, but now it’s time for work and deserved beers.

Delirium cafe Brussels 2020